I am onward and thrilled.  Hopefully, this is what summer entails:

A trip back up to Seattle, Anchorage, Kenai (try my hardest to visit my buddy Blair from APU), week camp in Cooper Landing and Kenai with the crew (Steven, reserve Alyeska–I’ll text)

Kenai, AK - Credit to http://tiny.cc/yv9ek

, fly back down to Glendora, a sure surprise visit in June that I am very well expecting, Denver for a day (possibly night… still working on it) with some good people/ family…. it’s a long story… then towards Kansas City for a weekend with the IHOP crew and the Reign Ministries staff (who I freaking miss like crazy), to Wisconsin to stay on the Dorney farm for a weekend and then finally to Minneapolis for a few shows for the month of October, one of which being a Japan Relief effort… which I am really proud to (hopefully!) be a part of.  (4 shows were proposed this summer, including Sonshine Festival and with Children 18:3.  Bummed we had to cancel with those guys.  No one deserves the boot.  Especially any folk from Tooth and Nail.)   I am missing Hentges to death, and missing meeting with Isaac and hearing the progress with Weav, and the smokes with Josh [Bendell].)

Also, smoked for 3 hours last night.  Can’t say I’ll ever smoke again in my life.  (my fault).

Slightly pissed this semester’s classes are approaching an enfoldment.  I was in a daze this afternoon reflecting on the joy I gain from each professor.

Freaking pumped for this summer and next fall.  It’s incredible how quickly I forget the doors God places in my hallway and the incredible friendships He blesses me with along life’s journeys.

Shower love on someone random and in need this week.  It pays forward, and only goes to show that love is not a feeling but an action–a disciplined, unchanging, and consistent action.

Thus said, I hope to one day be better at not so greatly loving my own desires.

I am in love with what I want over what God wants for me.  This, truly, will be the thing that separates me from God in the end.


“Do they only stand

By ignorance, is that their happy state,

The proof of their obedience and their faith?”

Paradise Lost (4:518-520)


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